Numan Devrim, CEO of Numan Brands, was inspired to pursue a culinary career by a series of chance events, and some light guidance by his family. Having graduated culinary school, and finding himself in London and worked several famous kitchen. Numan as a master in his craft that has elevated London’s perception of Mediterranean Cuisine At 28 years old, acquired historic Goodfare Italian Cafe in Camden Town. Created rustic chains in London such as Al Parco, Bistro Laz and Laz@Camden

Numan as an executive chef lead a team of specialty cooks from Mediterranean Cuisine and are collaboratively introducing lesser known mezes and meat preparations to a London audience. At the Numan Brands you will find numerous Antipasti and Meze, specially prepared and marinated cuts of grilled meats and seafood, traditional and modern Mediterranean side dishes and rustic italian pizzas.